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Supporting educators to future proof their careers through Learning Design

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Welcome educators!

Hi, great to digitally ‘see’ you! 

As an ex-school teacher and passionate Learning Designer, I have over 20 years of experience designing, developing, and delivering blended learning programs. 

Now, as the CEO of Oppida—a global digital education agency—I work to raise the bar of online learning daily and drive the educational revolution we find ourselves in. I believe the art of quality Learning Design is one critical component in this transformation.

Ways to work with me

BR website_01 Career coaching

1:1 Career Coaching

Access my unwavering support as you review your career pathway and plan.

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Engage in practical, affordable and applicable Professional Development

A growing library of courses for teachers.

Oppida Learning

Join Oppida Learning

A FREE community of educators working to raise the bar in online education.


CV and Career Support

"Bianca has been instrumental in my desire to transition from classroom teacher to Learning Designer. She was the spark that encouraged and supported me to learn about opportunities in the Learning Design space. Bianca has been a great motivator as well as a deep source of knowledge. She helped me to realise that I do have the skills as a successful and long term teacher to make the pivot into LD positions. Specifically, Bianca has helped me refresh and revive my CV. She has challenged me to truly think about the skills and experiences I have and how to best represent them on my CV. I am very grateful to Bianca and her willingness to support me through my career transition."

Professional Development 

"I completed the Learning Design Practitioner course as well as the Designing Digital Learning short course from Oppida. As a long term classroom teacher transitioning into Learning Design, these were fantastic professional development opportunities for me. They were well-paced, easy to follow and also APPLICABLE, which I loved. I could take the information from the course and apply it immediately into the materials I was preparing for applications and interviews. They helped support the creation of my portfolio as well as made me aware of other voices in the Learning Design space. Highly recommend! Thank you, Bianca and Oppida!"

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I wrote a book!

ONLINE LEARNING: So, you want to be a Learning Designer?

In this book I candidly lay out everything you need to know about becoming a Learning Designer. From the science of learning to applicable processes for online course design and development, follow my steps to transform your career!

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